Floor Tile Design

Floor Tile Design

by Scarlet Spencer

Designing your floor with the use of different floor tile designs is becoming a trend nowadays because of the many advantages that one can get in picking the floor tile design that they like. Choosing the floor tile to design your own home or room provides you the opportunity to release your inner creativity and also provides you the chance to channel your feelings in designing your own floor. Aside from that, it also gives you a sense of independence in being able to choose the kind of floor tile design that you like without relying to others. Options in choosing the kind of floor tile designs that you like include choosing those designs that are complicated, elegant, fun, with loud colors or those that are commonly-used by other people. The design depends on you, afterall, you will be the one to see your design everyday.

There are different kind of tiles that is available to be used and this include terracotta, slate, porcelain, marble, mosaic and ceramic. When choosing what kind of floor tile to use in your own room or home, it is important that you know first whether you have a hardwood floor or vinyl floor. Aside from that, you also have to take into consideration what part of the house you are going to redecorate and place the tiles into. After that, you can then assess what type of floor tile you can use.

Here are some types of floor tiles:

-Natural tile are known to project a certain level of exquisiteness but this type of tiles are usually more expensive. The good thing about this kind of tiles is that they are durable and resilient.

-The next kind of tile comes from different materials such as granite, marble and slate and it is known as the stone tile.

-Hand-painted tile is a kind of tile that provides the opportunity to customers to personally choose their own design. Because they possess a specific kind of design they are also one of the most expensive type of tile.

-Ceramic tiles are more popular to be used in more decorative tile designs.

-Tiles that are commonly used in the bathroom and kitchen are known as the common stock tile.

Prior to buying the tiles that you will use and install, it is significant to know what part of the house you will be installing the tiles in and what type of tile you are planning to use. Knowing this information is significant especially because different kind of tiles can be installed differently from other specific type of tile. Instructions are usually attached on the box where the tiles are contained but be sure to ask the sales person on how to install the tiles that you have bought to ensure that you will be able to install it the right way.

Aside from that, information regarding what part of the house you are planning to install the tiles into is also vital especially there are different kinds of tiles that are recommended for different parts of the house. For example, common stockroom tiles are typically used in the kitchen or bathroom part of the house.

In designing your own floor tiles, it is recommended that you make an illustration of the area that you are going to design. Measurement of the area in the illustration should be proportional to the measurement of the physical area. By doing this, you will be able to see how you would fit each tile into a specific area and you will be able to provide a rough estimate on how many tiles you are going to need.

The design of the room and the floor tile design that you wish to install should go along well together so that you can be sure that your room or the part of the house that you are designing will look great.

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