Tiling Your Kitchen Floor

Tiling Your Kitchen Floor

by Scarlet Spencer

The use of floor tiles in your kitchen flooring has become more popular nowadays and that is why a lot of kitchen floor tile design has evolved making it difficult for you to decide which one to use for your own kitchen. Below are some of the things to consider in picking up the most appropriate kitchen floor tile for you:

-A kitchen floor tile that is durable against stain and grease is always advisable to be installed especially that the kitchen can have many grease and stain accumulation as a result of frequent cooking.

-The kind of tile that is easy to clean is also recommended to be of use especially that your kitchen floor tile will be prone to have lots of stains from the food being prepared in the kitchen. Choose the kind of tile that enables you to remove stains and grease easily.

-Choose a kind of floor tile that can be installed easily but is also durable.

-For practical reasons, tiles that is not expensive to install, maintain and buy is recommended to be used. But be sure that the kitchen floor tiles that you will use are still durable even it is not the expensive type of tile. Therefore, you need to find the type of kitchen floor tiles that is cost effective.

Below are the steps in the installation of your kitchen floor tile:

1. Make sure that you have the tools needed for your installation including tools like:

Tile, cleaner, tile and grout sealer, towels, water, sponge, silicone caulk, rubber grout float, grout, putty knife, pencil, tile spacers, acrylic additive, mesh seam tape, thin set, carpenter's square, painter's tape, chalk line, tape measure, level, jam saw, circular saw, razor blade knife gloves, power drill, small piece of thin wood, pry bar, hammer, backer board, dust mask, trowels, tile nippers, safety goggles, tile cutters, tiles.

2. You should know the suitability of the floor that you want to install tiles with. If you have determined that the floor isn't level, you need to make use of a leveling compound which is usually available in powdered form. There may be times when there is a need for you to mount a new sub-floor to be sure to achieve the solidness that you need. In the event that there is an existing vinyl floor, do not directly put in the tile on the vinyl floor since it will pop loose afterwards.

3. A tile that is not too slippery is recommended to be used.

4. Next thing to do is to employ a tile backer board.

5. All movable furniture and appliances should be removed.

6. Determine if there is a need to remove baseboards before putting a backboard.

7. In installing the backer board, follow the instructions provided carefully. Using a notch trowel, spread out the thin set into the floor. After that, you can place the backer board into the thin set.

8. Make use of the carpenter's square, tape measure and chalk line. in finding out the square center starting point.

9. To get the size of the tiles at the border, do a dry lay-out of the tiles.

10. A thin set mixture should be applied in segments starting at the center then you can put the tiles over it. For you to be sure that the tiles will adhere properly, you need to use a strong downward pressure with a twisting motion during tile installation.

11. When they are dry enough, you can start to measure and cut tiles that will be placed on the edges. Then the cut tiles is ready to be installed and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

12. After 24 hours, you can already clean the tiles using a spray cleaner and water.

13. The final steps should be applying the grout and letting it dry for 7 days and once it is totally dry you can finally seal the grout.

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