Choosing A Weekender Bag For Women

Choosing A Weekender Bag For Women

by Evelyn Walls

Everyone needs to get away sometimes, so a quick weekend out of town may be just what the doctor ordered. Many people only own larger suitcases that are good for a full week, but are far too big for a few days. Since you do not have much to pack, you may try choosing a <A href="">weekender bag for women</A> so you can get away to Delaware or anywhere else you desire.

If you are a chronic overpacker who takes way too many outfits with her, then a weekender will help you stop that habit by forcing you to only take what you need. It is just large enough for two or three days worth of clothes, so you have less to carry and will not pack too much. If you are traveling via plane, this might be the perfect tote for you, because most weekenders are small enough to fit the standards for carryon luggage for most airlines. That means you can take the bag with you on the plane instead of having to check it.

These very convenient carriers come in a very wide variety of materials, some of which allow you to use the bag for other reasons. For example, a lightweight canvas bag is not only great for a trip, but doubles as a beach bag, with plenty of room for a hat, sunscreen, bulky towels and other beachy necessities. A leather weekender can also be used a large purse or shopping tote, or even as a briefcase. Denim, faux leather, cotton and other materials may also be used.

You also get to choose from a variety of colors to suit your liking and personality. Get anything from fluorescent bags that can be seen from far away to a more subtle neutral color or just about anything in between. Go for plain and simple or opt for a wild print to really get creative and show off your style.

Whether you like your bags to come from a design house and made of luxury materials, or prefer more basic materials, there is something for everyone in this category of women's handbags. Just set a budget for yourself and choose accordingly.

As for utility, good weekenders have plenty of that, especially when it comes to straps. Most come with two carry handles for taking your tote by hand. Many also come with a longer strap for slinging it over your shoulder. Still others come with a much longer crossbody strap that allows you to carry it across your body to help distribute the weight when walking.

You may even find a few hidden extras that really make packing so much easier. For example, many have inner pockets that are great for stashing smaller items like jewelry or even house keys. Others may have separate shoe compartments for keeping the shape of the shoes, allowing you to pack them without worry about them getting crushed.

Great weekenders are so convenient and can be used for so much more than just a quick getaway trip. Most fold nicely to fit under your bed or in a very small section of your closet as well. With all of these features, it's no wonder so many women are investing in one.

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