Don't Miss Camping In Maine

Don't Miss Camping In Maine

by Marci Nielsen

Put all the other New England states together and they don't equal the size of the Pine Tree State. This huge state has millions of acres of forest, miles of coastline, and an unbelievable wealth of lakes, rivers, and streams. <A href="">Camping in Maine</A> brings you to the land of the loon and the moose, to pristine nature, and to all kinds of fun things to do.

Camping in this northern paradise can range from rugged to easy, from a tent and a campfire to a fully equipped (but without electricity for heightened romance) cabin or a RV park crammed with amenities and activities. You can choose a site that lets you walk to a sandy beach or one along a rushing river with challenging whitewater. Try one near town or a site so far out that you'll really be living rough.

The terrain is so varied that officials have divided the state into eight distinct regions, ranging from urban to wilderness. Remember that urban is relative: this entire state has a little over one million three hundred thousand residents. Check out the different regions. You'll need to decide if you want sandy beaches or rocky coastline, the chance to visit good restaurants at night or the chance to be self-sufficient with what you carry in on your back.

If camping is not enough on its own, there's no lack of things to see and do. Watch fisherman bring their catch into Portland harbor, climb a mountain, hike through glorious woods and fields, bike along winding roads or mountain trails, or ride a raft down rivers with world-class whitewater. Visit a lighthouse, an amusement park, or a golf course. Take a cruise or a pleasure boat out to see Maine from the water.

Canoeing and kyacking on placid waters is very popular, but so is whitewater rafting. The rivers offer all levels of rafting, with experienced guides ready to help the whole family enjoy the experience. The western mountain and lake district and the Kennebec Valley are renowned areas for rafters. The rivers go through majestic gorges or through rolling farmland, depending on the route.

One premier family resort town is Old Orchard Beach, ME. Campers can find an inexpensive site within walking distance of the beautiful sandy beach or go inland; there are thousands of campsites here. Visitors will find activities for the kids, shopping for all, great restaurants, and enough recreational opportunities to last a whole vacation.

It's nice to have the choice of really roughing it or enjoying the comforts of home in an entirely new environment. Maine is truly one of the more spectacular places on earth. It might seem like a long way from everywhere, but camping here is so popular there are many areas where you can't get in without a reservation.

Camp near the mountain you'll climb, the hike you'll take, the beach you'll sit on, the river you'll ride, or the fish you'll catch. Spend a week or more far from the daily routine back home, making memories and getting to know this great region. Go online for tourist guides and maps to campgrounds all over the state. You'll find reviews that will make you want to go even more, posted by those who have experienced the wonders of the far north.

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