10 Ways To Get Sex When You Travel

10 Ways To Get Sex When You Travel

by Jonny Blair

Nomads get sex - simple as that but what are the best ways to end up with a willy suck on a street corner, a rickety train ride with a bit of nookies and a guaranteed lay in a hostel? Read on, but remember to wear a condom and stay safe - this is from a male perspective by the way...

1. Stay in MIXED dorms!

Mixed dorms are the best place to sleep for meeting girls. Shy girls will stay in all female dorms so you'll be able to interact a lot easier - take them out on the town to sightsee and drink. You'll be sleeping in the same room as them that night, maybe you might get lucky and make it the same bed ;-)

Advice is - buy her a drink or 2, wear a condom and don't disturb your roommates!

2. Talk to the hostel staff.

The staff in the hostel are often too busy with their lives to have sex or even mingle with foreigners. Break the mould - talk to the female staff, ask them out, and give them a nice send off before you board a dodgy bus to another city...

My advice - go out the back of the hostel and get it on ;-)

3. Drink in local bars.

Bars and clubs are a good place to meet sex partners - they might be up for one night stands and local girls will be curious about foreigners especially if you stand out. Get them a drink and get down to business.

My advice - get talking to the locals but try not to reveal too much about yourself!

4. Go on tours with fellow travellers!

Get onto a group tour with other travellers - you'll meet a load of new people for potential nookie.

Bonding by day with fellow travellers, bonking by night. Easy!

Advice - book tours with fellow travellers, chat away to them, eat and drink with them!

5. Red Light Areas!!

Lots of these about and you have to pay for them of course but negotiate a price and get it on if that's what you want. No shame in it given that both parties gain out of it.

Advice - BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL - and probably best to visit these types of areas in a group. Probably best not to take any credit cards as well. Wearing a condom is a MUST.

6. Go Clubbing!

Pub crawls, nights out etc. are a greet way to meet people on your travels. It could be more than a cocktail straw being sucked!

Advice - Enjoy yourself, but don't drink too much and wear protection of course!

7. Stop being fussy!

Don't be picky or choosy - all people have a place on this planet and you might just find that girl from a different background or who wears a stupid pink hat could be the one for you. Variety is the spice of life!

Advice - Get to know girls first, don't be fussy or picky, have a laugh with them, flirt away and enjoy yourself!

8. Take your clothes off!

Not necessarily the best tip ever but you will raise some eyebrows and get a laugh for sure. There can't be many things funnier than waking up in a hostel room to watch someone bounce around naked! Let the girls see what you've got!

Advice - don't by shy about showing your bits to others!

9. Screw your travel mate!

Travelling with a close friend of the opposite sex will make it easier to get laid - believe me if you've been travelling together for a few weeks or months you'll already have seen each others bits so the natural thing to do is make love!

This should really be number one, but if I put it at number one you wouldn't bother reading the rest. The easiest way to have sex when you travel is to bring your girlfriend, partner or wife! You're in love and that's all that matters. Love is the greatest thing we have. Number 10 is my favourite one by the way, having tried almost all of the others!

10. Go travelling with your other half.

Let's be honest this is the best way to get sex on your travels and it's with the girl you love so go for it! This should be at number one by the way but if it was you may not have read the rest!

Advice - take her and love her.

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