An In Depth Study Of The R Word Pledge Initiative

An In Depth Study Of The R Word Pledge Initiative

by Evelyn Walls

There has been a concerted effort to stop the use of the word retard over the United States. This word is termed as very derogatory and its daily use in normal conversations is seen as very insensitive to the people dealing with all sorts of intellectual disabilities. It is for this very reason that <A href="">the R word pledge</A> was started in the year 2009.

The persons possessing these disabilities should be addressed in more suitable ways and the initiative aimed at instilling this practice in the society. Masses are educated that these individuals can partake in meaning and gainful activities in the community especially where they are given the appropriate level of human dignity.

The origin of this movement was through an outfit known as Spread the Word to End the Word. This was done during the Special Olympics Global Activation Summit by several youth who were both with and without the cognitive disabilities. All this got to take place during Special Olympics World Winter games in the year 2009.

Many students all over America are active participants of this initiative whereby they make pledges to actively promote the avoidance of using the word retard during communication. They even commit themselves to informing the community at large on the benefits of them engaging in this movement. The day is usually observed nationwide on the 31st of March. Some public officials have also found themselves culprits of violating the objectives of this group. They have been forced to remedy the situation by performing public apologies or even pledging to be active supporters of this initiative.

This movement usually aims at achieving its objectives through several ways. One among the ways that its supporters are encouraged to take part in spreading the message is through social media. People are usually advised to tweet that they will actively support the agenda of this campaign through their words and even deeds. The movement also has a Youtube channel and a Facebook page whereby the agenda is usually publicized. Interested parties are also encouraged to sign up for the newsletter so as to keep up to date with relevant information and even schedules for events.

There is also a 46 day event which involves the carrying of a torch relay. Financial contributions are also made during this very event. These funds usually come in handy in further public awareness activities.

The sharing of personal stories which triggered people into joining the initiative is considered to be critical and also very much encouraged. Individual narrations as to the reasons of aiming to join this movement are a vital element in helping promote the agenda held by the initiative.

Participants are also taught with how to handle people who they deem to have contravened the main principles by this initiative through the use of abusive language. Not all scenarios present a good opportunity for an intervention and therefore it is always very critical that the supporters for this initiative are taught about that. The R word movement has also gained the support of very well known figures who have helped educate masses on the same.

When you are in need of information about <a href="">the R word pledge</a>, check out our website online here at today. Additional details are can be seen at now.

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