Aspen CO Doctor Alleviates Gluten Sensitivity With Chiropractic Thoracic Adjustments

Aspen CO Doctor Alleviates Gluten Sensitivity With Chiropractic Thoracic Adjustments

by Guy Stannard

A person without medical training will have difficulty understanding how spinal adjustments can affect gluten sensitivity. If you think of your spine being where all the nerves that send signals to all parts of the body lie, it makes sense. Since each nerve is in a certain area of the spine, if it is misaligned it will have a detrimental effect on a specific area of the body. Your Aspen CO Wellness Chiropractor Chiropractor can explain more fully.

If you can think of your spine as being made up of different sections. Each section contains the nerves that direct a specific part of the body. For example, the thoracic nerves are in control of digestion. However, symptoms do not always correlate as expected.

Each persons gluten intolerance has to do with the digestive system. However, it might be expressed differently in each individual. Most often it is expressed as a digestive problem. But, sometimes it can be expressed in a seemingly unrelated way. Those ways include metal fog, inflammation of the joints, skin rashes and headaches.

It may take effort to discover and understand the symptoms of your gluten intolerance. You and your chiropractor will have to discuss details of your dietary habits, your pain and other health problems. He or she has the knowledge to understand your condition in spite of it being complicated. It can then be explained to you. You can rely on his or her analysis.

It may be suggested that you keep a food diary. Also note when your other health problems are most prevalent. To help alleviate the pain you may want to start on a gluten-free diet.

During the same time period, a series of spinal adjustments can be scheduled. That will show how it affects your digestion. A detailed record can gauge your symptoms and when they occur in relation to the adjustments and your diet. With the medical knowledge your chiropractor has and your careful record-keeping, you might discover the way to restore your health.

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