Backpacking To Antarctica On A Budget

Backpacking To Antarctica On A Budget

by Jonny Blair

So you're a backpacker and you want to go to Antarctica but you have heard it is expensive right? Well yes but put your mind to it and you can do it. In fact this article is about to reveal the cheapest way you can get to Antarctica without working on a ship! []

You may have read my story of how I lived in a tent in the mountains of Poatina in Tasmania, working 7 days a week and 10 - 12 hour days on farms just to afford my trip to the white continent. Well I lived my dreams and did it. Yes I landed in Antarctica and completed my quest to visit all seven continents. But I didn't actually do it the cheapest way possible! I booked my place in a cabin on the boat months in advance. I booked it in Melbourne, Australia in April 2010 and ended up going in November 2010. I needed something big to look forward too and I was chuffed when I had it booked and just worked and counted down the days until my adventure. I paid around $5,000 Australian Dollars at the time, BUT that's NOT how to book a cheap trip to on...

How can you get to Antarctica for cheap?

OK this is for travelers only, NOT workers or scientists. We know boat staff, captains, expedition staff, waitresses and scientists all go to Antarctica with work all the time, but here's how to do it as a backpacker.

My advice - do NOT book anything in advance!

Yes if you want to get a really cheap deal to visit Antarctica you need to book it last minute. It's obvious that travel companies will sell all the rooms and bed for much more at the start so they can get the money in. Then at the end they are just trying to fill the empty beds. If you do book in advance I'd say the bare minimum you could possibly get it for is around $4,000. But hold on - if you want to get it cheaper don't book anything in advance. That's step number one.

How to get your cheap Antarctica trip booked

Step two would be to head to the city of Ushuaia in Argentina. It sits on the island of Tierra Del Fuego and is the southernmost city in the world. After a bit of sightseeing, head to the many travel agents in the city centre and check for cheap last minutes deals. There will be lots of offers and you will be surprised at how cheap you can pick one up for and leave the next day.

If you book yourself on a boat to leave to Antarctica the next day you will get it for as cheap as $3,000 US Dollars! How's that for a saving!!

This is how it works:

The majority of boats heading to Antarctica have empty beds and room - they haven't been filled. But the companies want the money for those empty beds and rooms so they reduce the price in a vain attempt to get some more money at the last minute. This is where you are in luck as you book your cheap trip to the cold continent!

So what are you waiting for? Head to Ushuaia in Argentina and walk around, get your deal and suddenly you are on your way to the most amazing continent on the planet. Antarctica is an absolutely wonderful place to visit and you will have such a great time on this once in a lifetime trip.

That's it - sold - you are now heading to Antarctica on a cheap trip for the most incredible travel experience of your life. You will meet a load of other travellers, see penguins, roll in the snow and just have an epic time!

So that's my best memories from Antarctica and my NUMBER ONE tip on how to do Antarctica on the cheap, inspired by my travelling Hong Kong girlfriend Panny Yu who did exactly that. Yes she just turned up in Ushuaia and booked a cheap trip to Antarctica the next day... She's travelled more than me, and on a tighter budget. Take her advice, live your dreams and head to Antarctica on the cheap!

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