Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Helped By Chiropractor In Manhattan Using Non-Invasive Methods

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Helped By Chiropractor In Manhattan Using Non-Invasive Methods

by Hans Gerhard

One common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is typing excessively. It can afflict an office secretary or anyone who spends the day on a computer. Tunnel carpal syndrome is so named because a narrow tunnel runs through the wrist between the carpal bones. It carries the median nerve. If this large nerve is compressed, it may cause great pain. You can turn to the chiropractic offices Manhattan NY offers for those in need of help.

The symptoms associated with this syndrome include, numbness and tingling in the fingers along with pain in the hand and wrist. Typing or small assembly work is not possible unless the hurt is brought under control. A bout with this syndrome will result in serious financial loss from lack of his or her employment.

No one wants to consider surgery as their first option. Many others are against the prospect of relying on prescription medication. With chiropractic care being non-invasive and drug free, it becomes a popular option. At the first meeting with a chiropractor you will be asked to describe the pain and how long you have had it. A medical history will be taken and a physical exam conducted. In addition, x-rays might be required.

After the evaluation, a care plan will be made to alleviate the pain. It may include spinal adjustments to the upper back, the wrist and the elbow. A misalignment of the spinal vertebrae may be affecting the hand. This controlled pressure may also be applied directly to the arm and wrist. Resting the arm and applying cold compresses may also be advised.

Immobilizing the hand using a splint may assist the healing process. This will keep the hand and arm correctly aligned after adjustments are administered. Future injury can be avoided by periodic use of this device.

Each individual is different as is each case of carpal tunnel syndrome. For that reason, you may heal faster or slower than another with the same syndrome. It all depends on how old you are, how good your general health is and how severe the condition is. These chiropractic care applications are intended to alleviate your pain as soon as possible.

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