Child Development With Plush Rocking Toys For Toddlers

Child Development With Plush Rocking Toys For Toddlers

by Cleveland S. Martinez

At one time every kid had a little red wagon and a rocking horse. That horse was not up to the safety standards of today. Most likely it caused a few bumps and bruises for small kids. Thanks to current safety regulations the newer models are softer and safer. <a href=''>Plush rocking horses for toddlers</a> are easy to find and come in all types of animals to spark the imagination of your toddler.

No longer are there just horses. The selection of rocking toys has expanded tremendously. There are elephants, lambs, bears and dinosaurs to name a few. For the little girls there are unicorns, pink ponies and even one that is a plush chubby butterfly. Both boys and girls can have hours of fun and exercise on these active toys.

Educators and parents know that interactive toys help child development. When a kid can put a wooden puzzle piece in place all by himself, it builds self esteem. Every little success like this builds confidence. Climbing up onto a plush horse or unicorn helps build strength and coordination and develops gross motor skills. Parents know when a child plays hard they sleep well.

Pretending is important to the emotional development of a child. Riding on their elephant a child can pretend she is at the circus under the big top. A little boy riding his dinosaur might pretend he is big and strong and can roar really loudly. Using toys as a tool to build imagination is also helpful to the intellect of a small child.

Parents of infants have an appreciation of how motion is soothing to a fussy child. A horse that rocks back and forth is naturally pleasing to the child. Many kids will make repetitive motions instinctively when they try to calm themselves. This is another reason that generations of kids have loved these toys.

On most playgrounds you will find a riding creature or animal that is attached firmly to a large spring. Toddlers often gravitate towards this item because they instinctively know they might be able to get on the bouncy playground animal all by themselves. The top of the steps to the ladder may be too high. Then the child spies this item that they can climb onto and jump up and down. The motion is natural to the child, and he or she feels proud of the accomplishment.

With the holidays coming up, one of these would make a great gift for your little guy or girl. They make great props for pictures too. The child can wear an outfit to coordinate with the rocking animal. This is all you need for that holiday greeting card.

Be sure to buy a plush rocking horse or unicorn or dinosaur that fits the child. A dinosaur that is too tall could cause an injury. The selection is fun and colorful. Find one that you think will suit the preferences of your little one as he or she rides down that imaginary road.

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