Climbing Lion Rock, Sigiriya In Sri Lanka

Climbing Lion Rock, Sigiriya In Sri Lanka

by Jonny Blair

In Sri Lanka, lion rock is totally recommended. This is an awesome place you should hit up for sure! This place is also known as Sigiriya and Lion Rock. It is bang in the middle of Sri Lanka and makes for a simply marvellous experience and backpacking journey.

How do you get to Sigiriya?

There are many ways to get out there to Sigiriya, one of the most common is actually to stay in the nearby town of Dambula. This is a truly cool spot which has its own bars, cafes, restaurants and some cosy hotels. Plus you can tour the temples when you are there and feel you are immersing yourself in the local lifestyle of this epic Sri Lankan town.

How much does it cost to climb Sigiriya?

The bad news it costs a whopping THIRTY US DOLLARS. That's $30 US. Non-negotiable. It's a one off payment and you pay it at the entrance to Sigiriya. Yes, I know you're all saying how can I budget for this? And to be honest, it hits the wallet hard - Sri Lanka is cheap and you can get a 5 hour bus ride for under $2 US yet have to fork out fifteen times as much to see (and climb up) a rock.

What exactly is Sigiriya?

It's a massive rock with a lost city on top. It's not quite Machu Picchu and in many ways, it's out on it's own. This rock is in the middle of nowhere - wilderness surrounds it. It is a unique landscape city created in the 5th Century by King Kashapa. It's a crazy massive rock in short.

How Long Should You Spend At Sigiriya Lion Rock?

The top of Sigiriya is somewhat inspirational and you really need to savour the moment at the top and contemplate where life has taken you. It will take a few hours all in all but totally worth it.

What is there to do at Sigiriya Lion Rock?

The museum and gift shop are only there to make money if truth be told and you've already given them $30 US. You can also tour the rock and temples

In short Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is an excellent place to go and visit BUT I really do not agree with the $30 US price tag - it's a joke. Make up your own mind if you want to pay it and visit...

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