Discover The Beauty Industry With A Sacramento Cosmetology School That Prepares You For Licensing

Discover The Beauty Industry With A Sacramento Cosmetology School That Prepares You For Licensing

by Jay Dy

As you prepare for a career in cosmetology, you will want to explore the many different jobs you can choose to do. Learn a little about each of them. You can style hair, color it, cut it, braid it or add extensions. You can do manicures and pedicures exclusively. Planning to attend the Beauty School Sacramento is known for is a wonderful opportunity.

As a graduate of beauty college you will take an exam to be licensed as required by law. Then you are ready to provide a retinue of services. You will cut hair, style it, color it and give permanents. An extensive knowledge base about all available products is helpful to a beautician.

For a short time you may be relegated to serve an apprenticeship as a shampoo technician. This entails nothing more than shampooing the clients in preparation for the stylists with experience. You may decide to limit your care to giving manicures and pedicures.

There are some unusual facets of the beauty industry. One is working in a funeral home to prepare the decedents for public viewing. This would require hair and make up for those who have passed away. Other position are providing services to bedridden individuals.

The student can attend beauty school full or part time. The comprehensive program for a full-time student may be completed in two years. There are a specific number of hours required. You take written tests as well as demonstrating your abilities.

You may, after a specific length of time, be allowed to provide services to clients who understand you are still in training. You will be supervised. The service will be limited to shampooing and cutting at this stage.

After graduation there is a state licensure exam. Each working beautician is expected to hold a state license. It is interesting work as you meet people from all walks of life. Eventually, you build a clientele who request their appointments be with you. You will most likely be well tipped as they are pleased with your work.

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