Discover Hailey Baldwin A New Face In Modeling

Discover Hailey Baldwin A New Face In Modeling

by Lisa Turner

She has everything needed to be a model. With her full lips and sculpted cheekbones she is a classic beauty. She also happens to be tall, gorgeous and well connected. Stephen Baldwin of the family of acting brothers is her father. Her mother, Kennya Baldwin, is a Brazilian graphic designer and beautiful with a cool elegance. <a href="">Hailey Baldwin</a> has burst onto the modeling scene in a big way. No doubt she is here to stay.

Her modeling career started when she was quite young. Her first modeling contract was with the Ford Modeling Agency. In 2015 she signed with an agency that has a younger, hipper vibe, Heroes Models. Americans have always been obsessed with celebrities. Thanks to the recent crop of beautiful young celebrity children all grown up, the American public can continue their obsession with the next generation.

She trained in ballet beginning at age five, which may in part account for her gracefulness. She says that she in interested in acting and loves musicals. Her father and her uncles are all respected actors, so there is a pretty good chance she may have inherited some of that acting talent. With her looks and her connections, she should do quite well.

She is on Twitter, and if you want to see pictures of Hailey follow her on Instagram. She is very photogenic and clearly loves the camera as much as it likes her. She has an older sister, Alaia Baldwin, who also recently signed with a modeling agency. Hailey is blond and her sister has dark hair, but they are both beautiful in their own right.

Recently she landed a job as the face of a brand campaign for Topshop, a well known retailer in Britain. She fits in very well with the high fashion magazines as her look is young, but very sophisticated. A stellar moment for any model, this year she marked her debut during the New York City Fashion Week on the runway for Vogue. Her career has gotten off to a spectacular start.

Her Brazilian mother is a total knock out. She has the same classic good looks that she passed on to her two daughters. With their Brazilian heritage, Kennya and her daughters have made Brazil proud.

The best way to understand Hailey is to follow her on social media. She talks openly with her friends and does not sound very different from your average nineteen year old. She talks about loving her parents, who unlike most of the Hollywood crowd have been married to the same person for more than twenty years. She spends time in Brazil and uses the Portuguese spelling of Brasil when writing. She chats with her Brazilian friends and family in Portuguese.

This lovely and talented young woman promises to be in the public eye for a long time. She has a firm hold on the modeling world, and the acting world may not be far behind. She can get all the advice she needs from her father and her uncles. It is nice to see someone so young and beautiful who is interested in something besides herself. She seems to know that there is more to life and designer clothes and being pretty.

If you are searching for information about <a href="">Hailey Baldwin</a>, pay a visit to the web pages here today. More details can be seen at now.

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