Discover How Gresham Chiropractor Alleviates Whiplash Pain

Discover How Gresham Chiropractor Alleviates Whiplash Pain

by Loraine Roane

Whiplash causes severe joint dysfunction that can make it difficult to crane the neck and rotate the head. Driving and performing many other simple activities can become a huge challenge when this type of injury exists. Fortunately, you can gain considerable relief by opting to work with a Gresham chiropractor.

Whenever people are in injury events, they should be seen by doctors in the emergency room. Usually, however, conventional doctors will only prescribe pain medication for whiplash. They do not generally provide physical therapies to resolve the joint dysfunction or alignment issues that major impact events have created.

Chiropractors approach injuries like these in a very hands-on fashion. They perform comprehensive examinations of the spine to see how impact events have disrupted spinal alignment. When they identify vertebrae that have been displace by car accidents or slip and fall injuries, they use manual adjustments to put these vertebrae back where they belong.

It is common for these professionals to use ultrasound equipment to alleviate the pain caused by whiplash. This equipment sends special sound waves into sore areas to relieve discomfort and limit inflammation and swelling. It can be a very effective part of your plan to naturally manage your pain. As inflammation is reduced, your body will have a far better ability to heal its own injuries.

Massage can also be employed to assist in the recovery of joint mobility and functionality. You will be given your own integrated plan of care that is customized to your unique needs and designed to expedite the healing process. This will allow you to experience significant gains with each office visit.

Correcting spinal subluxations will alleviate pressure on the affected joint. Ultrasound and other therapies can be used to facilitate natural and rapid healing and promote comfort. With this care, people can start using and moving the neck in a natural and comfortable fashion while limiting their reliance on prescription and store-bought pain medications.

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