Discover Mosquito Lagoon With New Smyrna Beach Charter

Discover Mosquito Lagoon With New Smyrna Beach Charter

by Guy Stannard

Not only is east Central Florida an incredible location, it is also home to some of this country's top rated and most versatile options for angling. Regardless of whether one prefers brackish, freshwater or saltwater, it is here. A Daytona Beach fishing charter can provide the perfect way for one to try all of these different options

This part of Florida has qualities that make it stand out from the others. One of the favorite spots for both locals and tourists, novice fishermen and avid anglers alike, is the incredible Mosquito Lagoon. This body of water is located at the northern end of the Indian River in Volusia County and its positioning is exactly what makes it so unique.

This body of water is positioned so that it is part of both Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Being nestled in these two parcels of more than 167,000 combined acres of protected land means that this location is perhaps one of Florida's least developed zones. It is filled with wildlife and fish species.

Coming to this region provides the people with some unique conditions that make it easy for beginners and casual fishermen, yet poses a sporting challenge for the seasoned angler. With the way the tidal flows go, the water moves slow and is both shallow and clear. This makes it very easy to see schools of certain fish so that casting is more accurate.

Species spawn in the lagoon that would ordinarily only do this at sea because parts of it have a salinity that matches ocean conditions. It also makes this one of a few locations on Earth where one can see the extremely rare combination of Spartina, Red Mangrove and five genus of sea grass flourishing in one ecosystem. It is a gathering spot for shad, crappie, large mouth bass, spotted sea trout, grouper, flounder and tarpon.

There are many incredible sights possible because from the protection from the dual wildlife preserves. The lagoon even has its own indigenous family of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins trying to get attention. Imaging watching stingrays glide in the shallows while observing large groups of fish just below the surface elsewhere.

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