Experience Backpacking In China

Experience Backpacking In China

by Jonny Blair

When you are looking for an adventure that will allow you to explore, you should think about backpacking. You get the benefits of exercise while enjoying the natural beauty and breath-taking scenery on your daily travels. The Yunnan Province in China is a favorite destination for those individuals seeking the experience of a life-time.

Preparing for your trip of a life-time will require planning. You can start by downloading free maps and information about the Yunnan Provence from travel websites on the internet. You can also download free of charge a number of planned trip itineraries which have proved popular in the past with other travellers to the area.

There are several transport options for getting around, but you should plan ahead and whenever possible reserve your accommodation and transport. Local buses are available in Luoping and many other areas, but may be infrequent and do not always run to a timetable. Other transport options include hiring vans, bikes, horses and walking.

Yunnan Province is home to many areas of natural beauty and history. Tourist traffic can be fairly heavy during certain times of the year and it is advisable to book accommodation and transport prior to starting your vacation. Options along many of the trekking routes provide clean, comfortable but basic accommodation. The majority of the guest houses and hotels do have email internet access for their guests to use. The local people can provide visitors with detailed information and directions to all the best places to visit.

You will have the opportunity to sample many of the local speciality dishes which come highly recommended by many travellers. You should sample the menus in your hotel or guest house, or ask staff for recommendations and directions to the best local restaurants. Visitors to the area are advised to use bottled water as opposed to local water supplies.

If you require to use any type of medications you should ensure that you have packed enough to last throughout your trip. Depending on your route you may travel through areas where you will be unable to replace your medications if you run out. In general the medical services are available and may not cost as much as at home.

You can plan your route through a variety of different environments and terrains. It is important that you have the physical ability to trek through different terrains. You will get a lot more enjoyment out of this experience if you have the right equipment and have planned in adequate periods of rest.

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