Five Effective Spring Garden Care Insights A Lawn Maintenance Trophy Club TX Firm Offers

Five Effective Spring Garden Care Insights A Lawn Maintenance Trophy Club TX Firm Offers

by Marci Nielsen

Maintaining healthy, green lawns during the summer requires you to start caring for it in spring. This involves lawn cleanup that makes the environment favorable for the tender roots and prevent soil compaction. If you are not sure of how you should prepare your garden for the coming summer, it is prudent to consult experts who are experienced in <A href="">lawn maintenance Trophy Club TX</A> services. The following five care practices will help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your garden during the summer.

Start with timely watering. Watering the garden when the spring has just begun affects the green color development of your grass. Moreover, excess irrigation in the early spring denies your turf the chance of developing strong roots that help the turf to tolerate the hot and dry weather in hot season. Garden care experts recommend that you do not water your grass with the depth that exceeds an inch within a week.

Proper mowing is another garden-care to practice. Not every time is the right time to mow your garden. If you mow the turf when the ground is wet, you will increase the soil compaction, and this will affect the way the roots take up water and nutrients. According to garden care experts, you should not exceed the 33 percent mowing rule because the grass surface would have irregular uniformity. Again, the blades you use to trim the shaggy turf should be sharp enough to avoid rough and patchy surfaces.

The other thing is appropriate fertilizer application. Fertilizer application in spring should be moderate to promote grass root development that keeps the grass firm and healthy during hot season. Although the excess application of heavy-nutrient fertilizer promotes quick root development, it makes the roots weaker and unable to withstand the scorching heat during hot season. Low-release fertilizers are the best during the mid spring when the grass is greening up.

Aerate the garden in the mid-spring to keep the turf healthy in hot season. Poking holes through the soil ease root penetration, and this makes nutrient, air, and water absorption effective. Waiting until the hot season begins to aerate the soil will hinder the roots to absorb the available nutrients and water the grass requires for growth during the summer.

Aerating your garden in mid-spring comes with two main benefits. First, it enhances the breathing system of your garden. Ill-timed aeration contributes to poor oxygen intake and circulation in the garden that eventually alters the health of the grass. If the roots get inadequate oxygen, the turf will not carry out biological processes such as respiration effectively.

Timely aeration also determines the overall health of the turf in the garden. Poor aeration in the spring influences the development of brown spots on the grass blades during the summer. Gardens that are timely aerated in the spring do not require regular use of herbicides to control weeds in hot season. Herbicides usually develop chemical barriers in the soil during the summer that makes aeration ineffective.

Your healthy and green lawn will be able to withstand harsh summer effects when you practice these care tips. Your children and pets will enjoy the beauty of the evergreen garden. Caring for your garden during the spring will save you a bundle of dollars in replacing the scorched grass.

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