Flags That Are Chosen From The Soul Shout

Flags That Are Chosen From The Soul Shout

by Adam Bright

The flag of Austria is a red and white horizontal triband that was re-adopted on May 1, 1945, after World War 2. This red and white striped flag is one of the oldest national flags in Europe and has been used since in Austria since at least the year 1191.

The red and white colors in this flag are taken from a legend in which the Duke Leopold V of Austria was blood-soaked from the Battle of Ptolemais in 1191, and only a strip of white remained under his sword belt. He then chose these colors and pattern for his flag.

The Austrian Empire was founded in 1806. Austria was taken over by the Nazis in 1938. The allies occupied Austria after WW II until it became totally independent in 1955 on the proviso that it remained neutral. Red colour has a great deal of implications. It could mean adoration, amazingness, war, receptiveness or even sickness. Since this colour is used to portray strength. This characteristic mix to have courage.

The flag of Austria has three parallel lines with two red colors and in between is color white. Same with the other countries - white still represents honesty and truth. It does not matter if you are known, but an act of honesty towards others causes chain reactions, widening the message of peace in each mind, calmness in heart, the strength of soul, and harmony to the environment.

The flag of Austria has three parallel lines with two red hues and white in the middle. Same with other nations - white is for truth. It doesn't make a difference on that you are known, yet a demonstration of trust towards others gets chain responses, enlarging the message of peace in everyone, peace in heart, the quality of soul, and amicability to the earth where you live. Today an Independent Austria Establishes Constitutional Neutrality.

Austria is a combination of pristine landscapes and bustling cities, historic towns and cutting-edge architecture, love of tradition and thirst for the new. What keeps travelers coming back to Austria is the sense of a lifestyle that celebrates the finer moments in life.

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