Fun Furry Pets Pomeranians For Sale

Fun Furry Pets Pomeranians For Sale

by Brenda Warner

This breed is well know and identifiable to many. Pomeranians are considered toy dogs and often weigh around five pounds, give or take a pound. They may appear larger due to their thick wildly fully coats. Give the doggy a bath and you will see the puppy's real size. There are some dedicated breeders and <A href="">Pomeranians for sale</A> in Oklahoma City, OK. They make lovable pets and owners often have two or three of the dogs. Since they are so small there is usually plenty of room at home for a family of Pomeranians.

Every breed has its own special set of characteristics and this breed in no different. There is a myth that the dogs bark excessively and some people call the dogs yappers. While it is true they bark and the bark is high pitched, the dogs are easily quieted with a little human attention. They have been bred to be indoor lap dogs. Poms, as they are sometimes called, have no hunting instinct and must be cared for by a human.

One thing a potential owner needs to understand is the level of care these dogs require. The thick double coat should be brushed daily, and the dogs should be groomed two to four times a month. This will take your time and your money. If you are not prepared to make this commitment, perhaps a lower maintenance dog would be a better choice for you. The Poms were bred from the German Spritz breed to be small lap dogs that need people. Make sure this is the right pet for you.

Their coats come in a variety of colors, from black to white. Some are chocolate or tri colored, but all are cute as can be. The make wonderful family pets, and the children will really love the little dogs. Most breeders love all the dogs and care for them with love never putting the puppies in cages.

A breeder in Oklahoma City specializes in puppies called parti moms and exotic poms, and treat the puppies as if they were a permanent part of their puppy family. The parti colored coats have a white background with other colors appearing randomly throughout the coat.

The exotics come in many colors, such as chocolate, sable and blue to name a few. A color combination called merle means the dog has a coat with a base color of red or brown or black with other some lighter colors added to create a kind of mottled effect.

For a toy breed the poms are relatively sturdy and enjoy good health. While this breed is friendly and loves humans, they may dislike other dogs that are not a part of their dog family. The dog does not know it is small and will behave in a somewhat aggressive manner to a dog that is ten to twenty times its size. Usually the larger dog is unfazed and the scene can be somewhat comical.

Most breeders do not like to ship the animals. They understand what a traumatic experience this can be for the puppy. New owners typically go the the breeder to pick up their new bundle of joy. This pet will be in your life for years come and bring a lot of love and happiness to your family.

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