If You Are An Accident Victim Pasco County Chiropractor Helps Alleviate Whiplash Pain

If You Are An Accident Victim Pasco County Chiropractor Helps Alleviate Whiplash Pain

by Nelson Clodfelter

Whiplash is described as a hypertension of the neck immediately followed by a hyperflexion. There is a problem in evaluating this condition since an x-ray cannot detect it. However, that does not minimize the severe pain that can ensue. Help for the victim is available in the form of pain alleviation at Pasco County Chiropractic.

The primary cause of this condition is a rear end collision involving two cars. The impact is on the vertebrae, the discs that cushion them from one another, muscles and ligaments. It happens regardless of what speed the automobiles are traveling at when the crash occurs. A seat belt does not protect you from whiplash.

While your body is stabilized, the movement of your head can tear fibers and cause subluxation of seven cervical discs. The actual force may cause brain damage because the movement causes the brain to crash against the inner skull.

A number of factors affect the severity of the injury. Each person has different characteristics and each automobile is built differently. That is why the amount of damage to the neck cannot be easily predicted. Another oddity is that the symptoms may not be apparent for weeks.

Make an appointment with a chiropractor to address the pain. It may radiate across the back from one shoulder to the other. It may radiate down one or both arms. It may prevent normal movement of the head.

You will receive a full evaluation prior to any care plan being initiated. Your spine will be examined physically and you will be asked to describe your pain. Questions such as when did it start and how much does it affect your quality of life must be asked and answered.

The chiropractor may advise a series of adjustments to, or mobilization of, the cervical spine. Sometimes spinal decompression is appropriate. The decision of which care plan to use depends on a clients age, health status and how severe the pain is. Following an assessment office visits will be arranged to administer the appropriate care.

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