Information About Atlanta Custom Framing For Designers

Information About Atlanta Custom Framing For Designers

by Alice Bursnell

If you have recently invested in a piece of art, no matter what the cost, you want to make sure it always looks good. In addition, you also want it stay safe so that sun and environmental damage are kept at bay. That is why shops that offer Atlanta custom framing for designers should be your next stop after purchasing a piece of art.

If you have ever been to a museum and thought that their frames looked really high end, that is probably because they are. Museums use custom framing to adorn their paintings, which helps them look their best. You can get this same high quality service by using a custom framer who can help you choose the best colors and materials. These are of the highest quality, so you know they will last and are therefore a great investment for your home.

When placing your order, be prepared to look through a lot of choices. There are many colors, from subtle hues of gold or ivory to brighter, nontraditional colors. You also have to decide on what kind of material your frame should have. Wood is a traditional and sturdy choice, but there may be all kinds of others, including plastic, glass and resin.

Matting is a term that framers use for placing a think paper board mat between the painting and the frame. It also gives you a barrier between the glass and painting so nothing sticks and gets ruined. When choosing materials, decide whether you want a mat or not as well.

Using a professional and experienced framer has even more benefits. They can let you know what type of art is appropriate to use with a glass frame. Some paintings need to breathe and should not be put behind glass, and a professional can tell you the difference.

Of course, you can choose to frame more than just photos or paintings. Anything that has sentimental value can get the custom treatment. From your child's classroom artwork to a piece of jewelry or even a ticket stub to a concert can all have customized framing done for them if you so desire.

In addition, a customizer or designer can help you choose the hardware you need to hand the frames properly. They can give you regarding the best placement in your home, and even help you make sure its level when hung. Take advantage of all of these services to get the best look to show off your new artwork.

Alice Bursnell is an interior designer and an artist. She loves working with clients to provide a design that is not only beautiful, but functional. Alice believes that one of the best ways to make an impact in your design is to properly display art. If you are looking for <a href="">Best Custom Picture Framing, Atlanta</a> she suggests you <a href="">click here</a> for more information.

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