Learn About Rubber Weather Stripping For Home And Auto

Learn About Rubber Weather Stripping For Home And Auto

by Marci Nielsen

If you are one of the wise ones who keep a car after the payments are over and work hard to keep home heating and cooling bills down, read on! <A href="http://www.delfordind.com">Rubber weather stripping</A> is made for keeping cold air out of your home and rain out of your car. This is one do-it-yourself chore that can make your life more pleasant whether it's in your living room or in your ride.

In cold places like Middletown, NY, people know better than to let cracks around residential windows and doors raise their energy costs. In the old days, people used to put up with drafts and sometimes wake up with snow drifts on the bedroom floor. Now, thank goodness, there are many ways to keep the elements outside where they belong.

Cars come with weatherstripping around the windshield, the side and rear windows, the trunk, and the sunroof if they have one. You can tell if window seals are getting worn if you hear whistling sounds as you drive. Another clue is when you find stuff in the backseat or the trunk wet after a car wash. Of course, if the sunroof drips on you every time it rains, you'll already know the problem.

Although factory seals usually last for years, they can be degraded if your car sits outside in both heat and cold. If you get a new paint job, your car might look great but your sunroof might not work as well. Cleaning chemicals can damage the seals around doors and windows.

If you need to replace weatherstripping, you'll find lots of products to choose from. Rubber foam products are made for your home, coming in strips with adhesive on one side. All you have to do is press it into place around and under doors. Windows are more difficult; sometimes it's easiest to cover the entire window with a plastic film for the duration of the winter.

Replacement strips for cars are sold like other car parts: by make, model, and year. You should get an exact match for what you had originally. However, always examine the new strips closely to make sure they are the same as the old ones, down to the channels the windows fit in and the screw holes. You want to make sure they'll fit before removing the original ones.

When the product description says "rubber', it doesn't mean the carbon-based stuff that comes from South American trees. The newer alternative is silicone, A similar material but one with a mineral base. It can stand up to high temperatures, is more resistant to chemicals, and degrades more slowly.

Keep dust, rain, snow, and noise out of your car and your home by making sure the seals around windshields, trunks, doors, and windows are tight. Check out the how-to sites and videos online for detailed instructions on keeping your personal spaces comfortable year round.

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