Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer Provides Legal Help For Victims Who Have Medical Expenses

Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer Provides Legal Help For Victims Who Have Medical Expenses

by Kenya File

Right after an auto accident you may be in need of medical attention. You may need an ambulance. If you can stay at the scene, you will want to call the police to file a report. Prior to making any statement or admission of guilt, consult your Paulding County Auto Accident Lawyer.

A statement made during a heated moment might be considered an admission of your guilt. The police will question both drivers and fill out a report. However, it is permissible to exchange names and your insurance details with the driver of the other automobile.

In case an insurance agent from your insurer or the other drivers insurer gets in touch with you, do not make any statement. Never sign any agreement to settle the claim. It is possible to negate your right to a fair amount to cover all expenses connected to the car crash. It would be unfortunate to give up the right to a fair settlement.

Spend a half hour consulting a lawyer. He or she can advise you on your chances of winning a fair settlement. You will not pay anything until the case is settled in your favor, in most instances. The attorney collects a predetermined percentage of any money you are awarded.

All medical expenses should be covered when the other driver is at fault. Replacement or repair of your car is also covered. In addition, there may be an amount collected to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

The most efficient outcome is made by your attorney settling the case out of court. By doing so you will collect your money sooner. You will also be avoiding the time spent preparing for and going through a legal court trial. If you cannot reach an agreement, it will have to go to trial.

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