Prepping Advice Regarding Propane Tanks & Propane Tank Prices

Prepping Advice Regarding Propane Tanks & Propane Tank Prices

by Cath Buhr

There are many reasons why people begin prepping. Perhaps they just enjoy the feeling of self-reliance that comes with being prepared or perhaps they worry about society's collapse or another serious issue. Whatever the reason, propane can be an excellent option for preppers as well as off-grid enthusiasts or people who simply live in a rural area. To get started with propane, you must begin by learning about propane tank prices and propane prices in general.

There are many reasons why propane can be a smart choice for a prepper or anyone who lives in a rural area or prefers to live off the grid. For one thing, propane is a green fuel and won't harm the environment unlike wood or coal. In addition, you can stockpile large amounts of propane, which is something you cannot do with natural gas or electricity, unless, of course, you have solar panels and batteries to store the power you harness from the sun.

One of your first considerations prior to buying propane is to search for propane tanks for sale. Propane tank prices vary by size and whether they are new or refurbished. A refurbished tank will cost less, but if it features new paint and new valves, this can last you for many years and save quite a bit of money. In some areas, you can even have your tank placed underground. Typically, only larger 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon propane tanks are buried, but if many people prefer it to having an above-ground tank. You also can consider if you wish to purchase more than one tank.

Stockpiling is always a good idea for the prepper, and this is true if you are stockpiling food, supplies or propane. Stockpiling is also a good idea for those who reside in an area that can be difficult to access during certain times of the year. A blizzard or severe storm can make it impossible for propane to be delivered, so having a large propane tank or tanks can be a great way to make sure that you will never run out of fuel.

Just about every day, propane prices change and the prices tend to move higher during the prime heating season. This season stretches from October until about March. If you fill up propane tanks in June, July or August, you tend to get better propane prices and will save money. If you plan on stockpiling, which is always advantageous, the time to act is when the propane prices are at their lowest.

When you begin looking around for propane tanks for sale and for a propane delivery service, be sure to select a propane company that sells only HD-5 propane. This is the most pure form of propane that you can purchase, and it burns more efficiently than HD-10 propane, which is often sold be propane companies. Be sure to also sign up for emails with your propane service so that you are aware of any drops in propane prices or special deals such discounts on propane tank prices.

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