Reach Your Goal With Fundraiser Sheets

Reach Your Goal With Fundraiser Sheets

by Terry H Fuller

There is a new way to raise funds for your school or non profit organization. Sheets, yes the linens that you use to make your bed, can help your group quickly raise needed funds. Each sale represents fifteen to eighteen dollars in profit that goes towards your goal. Fundraiser sheets are the newest, quickest way to get to your goal.

At least in the United States, everyone sleeps on a bed, and everyone needs bed linens. Rather than selling a product that only appeals to a niche market, you will be selling something that every needs. Your customer may need a new set or a extra set for unexpected guests. This will make the goal that much easier to achieve.

The linens come in a variety of colors and are available in all bed sizes. You are sure to have what your customer wants. There are no start up costs, so your group will not have the obstacle of raising funds to purchase the fund raising materials.

Each set purchased includes a flat sheet, a fitted and two pillow cases. You will feel good about selling a product of high quality. With eighteen hundred for thread count and deep pockets to accommodate all mattresses, your customers will luxuriate each time they fall into bed.

The best thing is the micro fiber fabric. It is innovative and used for athletic clothing to keep the athletes dry, no matter how much they sweat. It will do the same for you while sleeping. The fabric wicks away moisture, and you will wake up warm, dry and refreshed.

The fund raising companies offer many of the documents needed online. You can download order forms and introductory letters. The color chart is something you will want to take with you when selling, since colors rarely photograph or print true to the actual color of the product. Their goal sheet will let you calculate just how many sales you will have to make in order to raise the needed funds. Everybody wins with this fund raiser. Your customers get a good product at a good value, and your organization raised the funds to achieve it goal.

Other benefits that you will want to tell your customers about are that these linens are strong and durable for long wear. The color will not fade, so the sheets will look new for years to come. The fabric provides a barrier against allergens for people with allergies. Each sale will be an easy sell because sheets are a necessity, and this is a quality product at a very reasonable prices.

Terry H. Fuller has spent the past 30 years helping schools and organizations with their fundraising endeavors. He now uses his experience and expertise to help groups choose the best fundraiser for them. If you would like to learn more about <a href="">Bed Sheet Fundraising</a> he suggests you <a href="">click here</a> for more information.

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