Reiki Classes Teach Healing Process

Reiki Classes Teach Healing Process

by Beverly C. Ralph

Holistic healing techniques are becoming a popular choice for many people who wish to break free of the pharmaceutical quagmire as much as possible. The chance to have their issues corrected or alleviated without the side effects of prescription drugs is an attractive option. By taking Reiki classes, a dedicated individual could learn the method and administer the treatment for others in their local area.

The main focus of this technique is the life energy force that is present inside each individual. It is a power that travels internally within the body along the course of seven chakras, key points, each corresponding to various aspects of physical and emotional health. When the centers are functioning well, the spirit flows free but blockages can manifest in negative issues.

Those who practice this technique are capable of using their own hands to channel another person's energy and direct it as a way of addressing health issues. If need be, they also have the ability to use their own spirit force and transfer it into the client in order to clear the troubled areas. Boosting the positivity promotes the natural healing within the body.

The energy transferring process is completely natural and can be used to address a lot of different conditions. Some of the emotional issues treated in this way are stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of being unsettled. It may also be help to correct some physical ailments such as nausea, pains, digestive issues, arthritis and organ problems.

Some people mistake this spiritual practice of dealing solely with the life energy inside of a person for a religious rite. There is no religion at all attached to the method, no belief system and no dogma. It is simply a matter of moving the positive forces within the individual to direct them towards the issues and removing any negative blockages that may be present.

As this is not a method of massage, physical contact is rarely made. In situations when it is necessary, very light touches to pinpoint the energy are all that is required. The therapist has the ability to channel the force through their hands, which are held just slightly above the patient's body as they move along the path of trouble. Both parties remain fully clothed the whole time.

It usually takes a full weekend of concentrated instruction to learn the process. To gain the power to channel life energies, the teacher will physically transfer the ability to their student. The instructions will teach the new practitioner how to remain focused and clear in order to become a conduit for helping others with their issues.

Beverly C. Ralph is an advocate for holistic healing and wellness. Beverly is especially passionate about the many benefits that can be gained in the practice of Reiki. If you are interested in learning more about <a href="">Reiki as a lifestyle in Portland, Oregon</a> he suggests you <a href="">click here</a> for more information.

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