Reserve Your Luau Oahu Today

Reserve Your Luau Oahu Today

by Evelyn Walls

Everyone who is lucky enough to have the chance to visit the beautiful island Oahu should really get into the spirit of the island culture. Be sure to see all the iconic sights and the beautiful beaches and sunsets. Also be sure to celebrate your time there by booking a <A href="">luau Oahu</A>. Luau guests begin to feel as if they were born in this naturally magnificent paradise.

There are several business that offer luau packages, so you can choose which looks the most appealing to you. Most of these services offer luau packages priced to suit your budget. From the basic to the deluxe, whichever you choose this will be real Hawaiian fun for all.

There are packages that are strictly for the luau feast. Other packages include island village tours, canoe rides and more. These are all day packages that are topped off with the luau festivities. The prices for all packages are more reasonable than you would expect, so be sure to include this in your travel budget.

If this will be your first luau you can expect some the the following features. The food will be traditional Polynesian such as poi, fish, sweet potatoes and pork from a pig cooked slowly for hours in the ground. Naturally you can expect Hawaiian music from local entertainers. The festivities would not be complete without hula dancers. There will be professional dancers dressed in traditional hula skirts with flowers in their luxurious long hair. Some of the guests will try to learn the hula just for fun. The kids will be served punch made with native fruits, and the adults can choose from an assortment of fancy cocktails.

The feeling is one of togetherness and celebration. Historically, luaus were held to honor some milestone in the lives of islanders. They have never been considered as just a gathering for mealtime. Luaus have always been held in the spirit of unity, gathering friends and family to participate as one group. Long ago all the guests sat on the ground on a mat made of lauhala leaves from the hala tree.

The Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center is a wonderful resource for tourists. Their luaus are rich with the history and culture of the island. You can book tours of Diamond Head, have a guided tour of a volcano or visit Pearl Harbor. Be sure to visit their website to discover everything the Center offers.

It is very interesting to learn what the island was like before the Western influence. Oahu was once a monarchy with a pronounced hierarchical society. When the Christian missionaries came in the 1800s they strongly influenced the existing culture. The Christian influence was just the beginning of outsiders coming to the island. The existing culture is rich in diversity with the coming together of many cultures.

In 1959 the Hawaiians islands became a part of the United States. Even though your travel to Ohau will not require a passport, you will feel like you are in an exotic island paradise. The beauty of the islands and the beaches is remarkable. Enjoy this paradise with the traditional island feast.

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