Smart Tire Care Tips Provided By Chicago Area Auto Repair Service

Smart Tire Care Tips Provided By Chicago Area Auto Repair Service

by Malinda Klosterman

Especially in the winter, Chicago is one town where you need to keep auto and tires in good running order. Fortunately, the windy city has Chicago auto repair shops to provide helpful hints. These tips are good anywhere motorists want to drive safely in harsh winter conditions.

Maintain the appropriate air pressure in your tires at all times. This is good advice for drivers everywhere, but it is particularly important in treacherous cold weather. Tires with low air pressure can create uneven wear on the tread, which affects the handling of the car. In the hot summer months uneven wear makes the tires heat up, which can cause dangerous blowouts.

It is smart to buy tires on sale, but it is not smart to buy poor quality. Your trusted auto repair shop will usually include free tire rotation when you buy two or more tires. It is important to rotate tires somewhere between five to eight thousand miles. Rotating tires regularly and maintaining psi will ensure equal distribution of wear and extend the miles of safe driving.

When buying tires, always buy a set of two. Installing one new tire on a car creates an imbalance, and the car will not drive or brake smoothly. The new tires should be installed on the rear, and two of the tires that have some wear should be installed on the front of the car.

For continuous winter travel, snow tires are the best choice for safe driving. Proper storage is necessary to ensure the tires will be safe for the next winter. Store the tires in dark place without sunlight. Also keep them away from any containers that are being used to store grease of any type of solvent, which emit gases that may damage the tires.

Follow these easy rules to ensure safety for yourself and other motorists. If you are new to winter driving, get some tips from a friend or talk to the people at your auto repair shop. Safe driving habits are good for everyone sharing the road.

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