Steps In Flooded Basement Cleanup New England

Steps In Flooded Basement Cleanup New England

by Evelyn Walls

There is nothing as frustrating as waking up to a flooded basement. However, if you are in such a situation you do not have to worry as the cleanup is not very difficult. A <A href="">flooded basement cleanup New England</A> should start with an assessment to confirm there are no leaking or broken pipes.

The water could have come from several sources. It could be because of heavy rains, damaged sewage or burst hot-water supply pipes. Therefore, you should not enter the basement without proper protection. You can be scalded by the hot water or get infections in case the water is contaminated.

Ensure that the main electricity supply unit has being disconnected. Even though the water level is not high, faulty electrical system can cause a short and you will be electrocuted. You should establish the cause of the floods before you even go on. If the pipes are leaking, you should disconnect the water supply. All doors and windows of the basement should be opened to let in fresh air.

Minimal water can be expelled easily by one person. However, if it has reached very high levels you need to call for professional help. In such a case, submersible pipes will be very helpful. They come in several sizes and the prices are not high. Therefore, you should make a point of getting one.

Once the basement has being cleared, you can turn on the fan and dehumidifiers. However, confirm the effectiveness of the electrical supply system before you do so. You can get badly injured if it is faulty. This step is very crucial in ensuring that molds do not start growing in the area as a result of the heightened moisture levels. If this happens then you should be ready to incur high expenses in restoring the damage.

The ventilation points should be shut off when the dehumidifier is running. This ensures proper drying. Otherwise, the process will not be effective. Dehumidification uses a lot of energy but you would rather pay high bills that suffer the consequences of not doing so. In case your carpet is padded, you should discard it and buy another one. However, you can go ahead and have it cleaned. To note is that this is even more costly than purchasing another one.

A non-padded carpet is very easy to clean and you can use the fan to dry it. Nonetheless, do not forget to clean and dry it on both sides. If it remains moist you will have to deal with the molds which grow afterwards. This is not only costly to clean but it will expose the premise occupants to various infections.

If the drywall is damaged, you have to rip it off. Its soaks up the water encouraging mold growth. However, plaster walls are not an issue. However, get some fresh air on the wall to dry it up. Disinfection should be taken very serious. Everything that came into contact with the water has to be disinfected after the cleaning process. Use heavy dry cleaners, scrub brush and hot-water in this process.

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