The Importance Of Churches Homa-Bay, Kenya

The Importance Of Churches Homa-Bay, Kenya

by Marci Nielsen

Through ages, man has found more and more incomprehensible things. These things are certainly beyond our understanding and even do not appeal to human reason. Man has acknowledged that there is a greater power that controls the universe. This created space for worship and religion. As human beings, there we have engineered many ways that we deem right for worship. We have come up with various shrines where we congregate to worship. It is clear that the church holds certain aspects in society with the regard to <A href="">churches Homa-bay</A>, Kenya.

Just like many other parts of Homa-bay Kenya received missionaries who had come to spread the word. The catholic mission was there to make sure that the people of this place were enlightened. This is one of the dominant denomination in this area. The people gladly continue to follow in ways of the Roman church teachings and practices. The Catholic Church members in this community enjoy their Sunday mass every week in their local church.

During some occasions, the local church is graced by the presence of parish priest. This is due to the fact that there are chosen people who take over when there is no priest available to serve that believers. This is a result of the unavailability of enough clergy men to serve the large congregation. The people who stand in for priests cannot serve some roles such as the Holy Communion. This is due to the fact that they are not ordained as priests.

The residents are also members of the seventh day Adventist church. This also is as a result of mission work at the beginning of 20 century. The Adventists in this region are not as many as the Catholics. It could be due to timing that the missionaries came to the place.

The full gospel church is also popular here in this region. It is acclaimed as a protestant church. Drawn from the mainstream church, the church was set as a disagreement on the ways of Roman Catholic worship. This has been of great influence in this society.

There are many other denominations in the region, as most are formed each day. The older day churches have been there to help the society through the difficult times. There have been a number of establishments that have improved the society at large.

The town children home is one of the establishments of full gospel church here. It was initiated in 1965 with the aim of housing all the children who had lost their parents. With this being an area of high HIV infection and mortality rates, the children home is of great service to a society.

A church has a moral obligation to correct the society and even ensure that people lead lives in a righteous way. Most people here are affiliated to certain religious denomination, worship centres have been influential. For a long time now the role of the church has been to unite people in a common goal of worship. This is very important in every society.

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