The Work Of Pile Drivers

The Work Of Pile Drivers

by Marci Nielsen

Construction work is intense and it cannot be started until the grounds have been prepared well to handle the weight of the equipment. <A href="">Pile drivers</A> are required to drive piles in order to make the grounds stable. However, not everyone can do this. That is why the drivers need special training.

To be considered for the training, you should produce a certificate confirming that you have completed high school studies. Thereafter, you will be required to work as well as study. In a year, you should make 2000 working hours. You can only get to this figure if you work full-time.

Besides working, you will also be required to attend classes which are related to this kind of work. In total, the course is meant to last for 160 hours. However, any student who has attended the training for 120 hours is considered. Nevertheless, this is not standard in all the countries. You need to confirm the details in your country of residence. Any premises which are convenient for learning can be used in conducting the training. However, technical institutes and vocational schools are preferred.

At the end of the training, you will be required to sit for exams. You will only be certified if you pass the exams. From there henceforth, you can be allowed to work on your own. However, you will have to repeat in case you fail. You ought to remain an apprentice for 4 years. After you have graduated, you can be able to operate locomotives, barges, crawler treads and skids.

After employment, you are expected to move hand levers and even the foot type. These are essential when positioning hammers on piling, hoisting piles on leads and even positioning the piles well. These are critical tasks which require preciseness. You should also be in a position to check the functional capabilities of equipment before using them.

The driver also has to drive piles meant to offer support to buildings or any other structure. The machines and equipment employed in this task are very heavy. Thus, any blunders may even cost you your live. Hammers have to raised or dropped to drive the piling to the desired depths. The activity requires movement of levers and valves to be turned. At the end of the day, ensure you have cleaned, lubricated and refilled the parts.

In machine and vehicle operation, there is a lot of maneuvering and navigating to be done. Thus the driver should be knowledgeable when it comes to this. Besides this, he or she should be able to operate forklifts, water crafts, passenger vehicles and aircrafts.

You ought to take the training very seriously if you wish to succeed. Because of the technicalities involved in operating such equipment, the learning process is intense. Only aggressive students will be able to make it up to the end. The instructors are strict for they understand the threats posed by this equipment if they are not handled well.

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