Things To Do In Asuncion In Paraguay

Things To Do In Asuncion In Paraguay

by Jonny Blair

If you end up in Asuncion, Paraguay here is what you can do there.

I LOVE it when people ask me about South America and they say "did you go to Rio or El Calafate?" Because the answer is "no" and quite frankly, I still don't really care that much about "on the beaten track cities", which might explain how I got sentimental, inspired and perky on my visit to the Paraguayan capital city of Asuncion. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to understand why the hell I went there. A love of football, and Jose Luis Chilavert might help explain it.

1. Go to South America's First Railway Station

Amazingly Asuncion is where South America's first train station was. Over time, it was not needed and is now only used as a museum. There are no trains departing anymore but you can climb inside one and reminisce. It's worth visiting this museum!

2. The Slums and the border to Argentina

Asuncion has some very run down areas, and these slums are down by the riverside. The slums are cool to look at in the day time but at night it's not really recommended. You can stare across at Argentina as Paraguay borders it. A river separates Asuncion from Argentina. You can boat or bus it across to another country if you like.

3. Visit the National Football Stadium.

If you want to see a massive football stadium where history was made then head to Estadio Defensores Del Chaco in Asuncion, Paraguay. It's a great stadium and players like Santa Cruz and Jose Luis Chilavert have played here. Paraguay have been impressive in a lot of recent World Cups and this is their home venue. It's well worth checking out and a bus from the city centre can take you there.

4. Old Buildings and Heroes Square

Paraguay has a lot of soldiers and army and also some political history. Heroes Square is worth a visit to get your fill of this. It's a massive monument to remember those who died in the war.

There are other buildings worth a visit while you are backpacking in Asuncion. As well as the Heroes Square, you should look out for the Cathedral, the Palace, the army buildings and lots of local churches.

5. Go for a night out!

If you're in Asuncion it would seem ridiculous not to visit some bars and you'll be pleased to know it has some great pubs, a relaxed attitude and a good nightlife. Some bars serve good food, have special shots, their own beer and even live music. This is an unusual capital city to party in.

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