Tile Patterns In 3 Minutes

Tile Patterns In 3 Minutes

by Mike Hartwick

Tile, no matter what material is one wall and flooring option that is not only highly functional but also can really add beauty to wherever it is installed. However, choosing the right tile pattern is a must for guaranteeing the best results. So here is a quick intro. to help you get started.

The most simple of all patterns is the straight lay. The tiles are set in a straight line but also even with the tiles on either side. This is the best tile pattern layout for anyone that wants to try their hand at a DIY installation. Who knows, it could start you on the path to more complex projects in the future. It's an easy pattern that give you some first-class results.

For a classic look the checkerboard tile pattern is another easy option. That's because it is actually the straight lay but with alternating black and white tiles. And that is how it gets its name, since it creates a space that looks just like a checker or chess board. Some individual tiles will have both black and white squares on them so you don't have to do any alternating at all when laying them down.

Another pattern, and one which also happens to be very familiar to just about everyone is the running bond. It is commonly seen in brickwork, and that is why some people may refer to it as the brick tile pattern. Whatever you call it, it's a winner. Often used on back splashes, the wall, and the floor, it is very versatile. The tiles are lined up so they meet the halfway mark on the tile in the row before them. This is repeated in succession until the space is completely covered.

If you prefer something more complex, don't worry there are many to choose from. The Versailles pattern is one example that uses a number of different sized tiles strategically placed to look almost as if they were random. However, in reality this takes planning and requires a pro to install. Another complicated choice is the herringbone tile pattern that mimics the skeleton of fish and can help to increase the elegance of any room.

When picking a layout make sure you first decide on your goals. Also you'll need to accurately measure your space so you know what size area you are working with. From easy to complex there are tile patterns for everyone to fall in love with!

Learn more about <a href='https://tilepatternsblog.wordpress.com/'>tile patterns</a>. Stop by Mike Hartwick's site by <a href='http://toptilesite.yolasite.com/'>clicking here</a>!

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