Tile Patterns In Less Than 5 Minutes

Tile Patterns In Less Than 5 Minutes

by Mike Hartwick

Tile is one of the most useful materials when it comes to covering floors and walls. However, you can't just set it down anyway you please. Luckily there are many tile patterns to choose from that can help you get the look you truly desire.

For someone interested in a simple pattern, the straight lay can be a good choice. And best of all since it isn't complicated it can be installed by beginners. This can save you some cash if you want to do it yourself. As you could guess from the name, with this tile pattern, the tiles are set in a straight line. Just be sure to line each one up so its even with the ones next to it.

The checkerboard tile pattern is actually a variation of the straight lay. It uses plain black and white tiles instead of other colors or designs. They are placed down in an alternating fashion and that is what helps to create the unique look that is just like a checkerboard. This can look very elegant especially when using stone tiles like those made from marble But, there are cheaper options available too, such as vinyl.

Many people love the look of the running bond tile pattern. You may sometimes also hear it called the brick pattern since it is also commonly used by brick layers due to its strength. With this layout tiles are put down so that they are even with the half-way mark of the one in the preceding row. The running bond is immensely popular and can be seen on the wall, floor, and particularly kitchen back splashes.

The herringbone is a more complicated looking choice. This one gets its name because of how much it reminds people of the skeleton of a herring fish and is usually seen on the floor. Another way to go if you want something complex is the Versailles tile pattern and its another common choice for use on on the floor. It uses tiles of multiple sizes to create a look similar to one that is random but really is not. If you are considering either of these, having a professional install them is the best idea.

It's clear to see that there are many tile patterns to choose from. Actually, there are quite a few more than described here. To help make sure your project is a success be sure to always listen to your gut feeling when picking your pattern.

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