Transmission Care Tips Offered By Murray UT Transmission Shop

Transmission Care Tips Offered By Murray UT Transmission Shop

by Nelson Clodfelter

An automobile will not remain in the best running condition without regular care. You should change the oil and replace filters on schedule. All parts of the vehicle require regular attention to stay in tip top condition. By following the tips given by Murray UT Transmission Repair it will remain operable longer.

It is far less expensive for upkeep of the transmission than to repair or replace it. Check the automatic fluid for indications of a problem. This should be done after every thousand miles of driving.

If there is a darkened color or a burning smell, there may be a problem. If the level is low that can mean there is a seal leaking. Something serious probably should be taken to a professional repair shop.

Unusual sounds while driving can mean something is not right. Keep the engine tuned up and it should sound the same all the time. Do not ignore what may be a malfunction or you will incur higher repair bills. Have it taken care of as soon as you can.

Check the cooling system regularly. Overheating can cause early failure. Follow your owners manual to learn how to do these checks or call on a professional if you do not feel you can perform the checks properly.

Your driving habits can wear it out long before its time. Each time you change gears be sure you come to a complete stop. If stuck in a snowbank the worst thing you can do is rock the car back and forth.

Carrying too heavy a load in a car will cause it to overheat. That wears out a transmission in a short time. Never change gears if the car is moving. If the fluid is low, discontinue driving until it is filled to the normal level.

Spinning the tires is damaging. When you need to drive with a mismatched spare tire, only drive on it for a short time. Take time and follow these tips to help your transmission last longer.

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