Use Wedding Luminary Bags To Lighten Up Your Important Day

Use Wedding Luminary Bags To Lighten Up Your Important Day

by Marci Nielsen

Luminaries are important and beautiful detail for any ceremony. The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple. After the ceremony is done, everybody heads over to the reception area. This is where all the dancing, speeches and toasts happen. The venue is usually decorated with stunning detail that sets the tone and feel of the event. Although, flowers are the obvious elements to incorporate, a couple can choose to use <A href="">wedding luminary bags</A> instead for an unforgettable experience.

Today, there are so many options available for decorating receptions. The most obvious and popular option is the use of stunning flower arrangements. Still, these fragrant blooms can prove quite costly. Even if you opt for plastic premium flowers, the cost is still high. However, a couple can decide to use luminary bags because they are cheaper and easy to make.

Luminaries make the day magical and picture perfect. They make the wedding memorable and ad a sentimental value to the day. They provide illumination and can be quite a nice spectacle if they have creatively different colors and designs. For the perfect effect, have the reception in the evening or when the sun is just setting as this will allow the guests to fully enjoy the romantic ambiance set by the lights.

The luminaries are made with different patterns and shapes to make them more appealing. Common patterns used are heart shapes, doves, swirling lines as well as flowers. When lit these patterns appear beautiful and resonate perfectly with the scenery and setting of the reception. Apart from these patterns, the couple can choose other shapes that they might like.

Another alternative is to have custom designs on all the bags. This is done by placing an order with the supplier early. These designs can be of anything sentimental to the couple. A common easy design is to have their initials on all the bags. Another option is designing the bags to have special shapes and characters significant to the couple. Either way, it will be memorable.

A better and cheaper option is to make the luminaries personally. This can be turned into a fun venture especially if you invite close friends and family members and spend an afternoon making the luminaries. This is a fun method to use that will both save on cost and has a sentimental effect. It is a good opportunity to spend time with people that love you.

There are two methods of lighting luminaries. The first is using candles. However, this is not recommended if there will be kids playing and running around because of accidents and fire concerns. The last thing you want is to have a great day ruined by this. Therefore, a better alternative is usually electronic tea lights. With tea lights, the focus remains on having fun.

Luminary bags are a unique and wonderful addition to any wedding ceremony. They are also affordable and easily available. For sure, they will make any event unforgettable. Consider making an online order if you have no clue where to get these lights.

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