What To Ask Your Portland Remodeling Contractor

What To Ask Your Portland Remodeling Contractor

by Lonnie Trevarthen

Portland prides itself on its number of qualified contractors. Some provide services from A to Z including commercial and residential projects, while other contractors are more narrowly focused on residential needs only. To find the right Portland Remodeling Contractor for your project first define your own expectations.

The most common types of residential remodels are updating bathrooms and kitchens. One website provides a very helpful checklist to help define the kitchen project. First evaluate how your family uses the kitchen or bathroom and what works or does not work with the current design. A list of yes or no questions will help the home owner prioritize and define their wish list. General industry guidelines will explain what the standards are with building codes.

If you pre-plan your project, you are more likely to be pleased with the results. It is helpful to interview a minimum of three contractors. Consider these three concerns: Can this professional get the project done on schedule; will the project be completed within the agreed upon budget; and will you be able to work with this person on a daily basis for the duration of the project.

If you have a large project, it will take longer and have a bigger budget. Remodel of an entire house can take months, and there will workers in your house every day. It is smart to find a place to live while your home in undergoing remodel. Check references from former clients. You want to make sure the contractor has a good history of keeping his or her promises.

Some companies offer special services such as mold remediation or fire and smoke restoration. This is a remodeling niche that requires specific training. Reinforcing a structure and seismic retrofitting are other niches that require additional training.

Do your homework and do your research to ensure you will be satisfied with the results. Talk to friends and family who have been through a remodel. Be aware of the potential problems and have patience. Good luck with your remodel.

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