Good day to you,

How are you doing today? I dispatched this letter to you few days ago with no response, and I am sending it again to you again. Its pertinent you confirm your willingness to accept or reject my proposal as this will enable me stop further contact.

I`m John Komla, the Auditing and Accounting Manager with a bank in Ghana. I`m contacting you in the high opinion on a business at hand that will privilege both of us an opportunity for lifetime favor.
There is the sum of $9,500,000.00 (Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) which was unaccounted for as a result of an overdraft from foreign contracts. I have placed this funds on in a nastro-vastro account Account with no beneficiary. As the Auditing and Accounting Manager,it is my duty to send financial report to our Regional Head Quarters.However, I need your honest assistance and cooperation so I can use my position in the office to channel these funds in your name legally as beneficiary for cash payment and you take 50% as remuneration for your assistance.

If you are interested contact me only at my email with your name, Address and phone number at:


Mr.John Komla
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